This Week In Ag 0042 - Ready for the National eXtension Virtual Conference?

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Show notes Conversation with Terry Meisenbach about the 2011 National eXtension Virtual Conference.

  • 2011 National eXtension Virtual Conference? Why a virtual conference?
  • Presenting are Howard Rheingold, Robin Good, Paulette Robinson, Clay Shirky, and Steven Rosenbaum. Can you share what each aims to cover?
  • Who is the target audience for these presentations? Why is this information important to them?
  • What is the eXtension's aim to using social media to help farmers and ranchers as they work to produce food?
  • How should farmers, ranchers, and producers utilize this info and connect back to eXtension staff?
  • How should eXtension staff, farmers, ranchers, and others look at their investment of time in social media tools?


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